If you are lucky your phone or pda will be automatically recognized by the Wikia server as having a tiny browser and you will be served a stripped down printer version of the page which should display reasonably on your device.

Whether or not the page displays well, try one or more of the following approaches. They have the added benefit of compacting and reformating off-site links.

  • Avantgo. PDA and Symbian phone users who have opened up a free account with Avantgo can simply click on the following link. This will save a small screen formatted version of the page to your device at the next sync. If you have the Avantgo wireless option enabled you will be able to explore compacted versions of the off-site links while online. Avantgo Toronto Events
  • Skweezer. Skweezer is a free online transcoder that strips web pages of some of their excess and reformats them into single column layout. Skweezed Toronto Events
  • Google Mobile. Especially designed for phone use, Google mobile strips the site down to barest html and subdivides long pages into short segments that better fit phones. Google Mobile Toronto Events