The Toronto City Council is the governing body of Toronto.

Members represent wards throughout the city, and are known as councillors.

For ease of electoral division, wards are based upon the city's provincial electoral districts, with each district (or "riding") divided into two city wards.


All members of Toronto city council, except the mayor, serve on a community council. The city is divided into four community councils, each of which has the authority to make certain decisions of a purely local nature, and to make recommendations to city council on matters that surpass the community council's authority. These are denoted in the chart as a letter next to the councillor's ward number:

Councillor Ward Provincial Electoral District Notes
David Miller mayor policy and finance committee chair
Gerry Altobello 35 S Scarborough Southwest planning and transportation committee chair
Brian Ashton 36 S Scarborough Southwest economic development committee chair
Maria Augimeri 9 N York Centre
Bas Balkissoon 41 S Scarborough—Rouge River audit committee chair
Sandra Bussin 32 T Beaches—East York deputy mayor
Shelley Carroll 33 N Don Valley East
Raymond Cho 42 S Scarborough—Rouge River Scarborough community council chair
Olivia Chow 20 T Trinity—Spadina community services committee chair
Gay Cowbourne 44 S Scarborough East
Janet Davis 31 T Beaches—East York
Glenn De Baermaeker 38 S Scarborough Centre
Mike Del Grande 39 S Scarborough—Agincourt
Frank Di Giorgio 12 E York South—Weston
Mike Feldman 10 N York Centre deputy mayor
John Filion 23 N Willowdale Toronto Centre for the Arts committee chair
Paula Fletcher 30 T Toronto—Danforth
Rob Ford 2 E Etobicoke North
Adam Giambrone 18 T Davenport cycling committee chair
Mark Grimes 6 E Etobicoke—Lakeshore
Suzan Hall 1 E Etobicoke North Etobicoke York community council chair
Doug Holyday 3 E Etobicoke Centre
Cliff Jenkins 25 N Don Valley West
Norm Kelly 40 S Scarborough—Agincourt
Peter Li Preti 8 N York West
Gloria Lindsay Luby 4 E Etobicoke Centre
Giorgio Mammoliti 7 E York West
Pam McConnell 28 T Toronto Centre—Rosedale police services board chair
Joe Mihevc 21 T St. Paul's West nominating committee chair
Peter Milczyn 5 E Etobicoke—Lakeshore
Denzil Minnan-Wong 34 N Don Valley East North York community council chair
Howard Moscoe 15 N Eglinton—Lawrence
Frances Nunziata 11 E York South—West
Case Ootes 29 T Toronto—Danforth
Cesar Palacio 17 E Davenport
Joe Pantalone 19 T Trinity—Spadina deputy mayor
Jane Pitfield 26 N Don Valley West works committee chair
Kyle Rae 27 T Toronto Centre—Rosedale Toronto East York community council chair
Bill Saundercook 13 E Parkdale—High Park
David Shiner 24 N Willowdale
David Soknacki 43 S Scarborough East budget committee chair
Karen Stintz 16 N Eglinton—Lawrence
Michael Thompson 37 S Scarborough Centre
Michael Walker 22 T St. Paul's administration committee chair
Sylvia Watson 14 T Parkdale—High Park