[Urban Agriculture Summit ] Building Capacity for Action

All around the world people are growing food in cities! From August 15 to 18, the 2012 Urban Agriculture Summit will bring together a diversity of people that are making it happen - design professionals, community groups, social housing advocates, tenants and developers, educators, planners, homeowners, urban growers and others - to share what is working, and to discover what is possible!

Summit themes will include:

  • Food security, food sovereignty and city building
  • Planning and design of innovative infrastructure for small and large-scale urban agriculture
  • New technologies and innovative practices associated with production
  • Scaling up urban agriculture: supportive programs, policies, and governance models
  • Best management practices in for-profit and not-for-profit food production
  • Building the business case: the economics, financing and marketing of urban agriculture
  • Embedding urban agriculture in community development and housing

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